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Join Cristian Moreno, Aqui Se Habla Deportes host and producer, as well as bilingual sports journalist and broadcaster for ESPN Deportes network and LockerRoom 1050 ESPN, for a weekly Hispanic-American podcast breaking down the current most relevant stories in the mainstream and special guest from the sports and entertainment world. From the trendiest to the case sensitive stories, ‘Aqui Se Habla Deportes’ offers engaging in-depth interviews and personal opinions on every matter going on the sports world.  Joining Cristian are panelists Luis Reyes and Rafael Villalona who offer their solid and unique perspectives. This is a podcast for people who are passionate about sports, entertainment and life in general, ‘Aqui Se Habla Deportes ‘ is a bi-cultural machine working with unity towards an informative, modern-day, entertaining and always fresh innovative experience!

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Cristian Moreno

Cristian Fermin Moreno Dominguez and goes as Cristian Moreno, He was born in Santo Domingo, D.N. on July 23, 1987, the same year that George Bell was the MVP of the American League in MLB. Guided by his father, a boy grabbed likes toward baseball, the Aguilas Cibaeñas and New York Yankees, as well as sports in general. Cristian has a Bachelors of arts Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in Universidad Catolica Santo Domingo (UCSD) and to complement the knowledge of sports with capacity to express in a well-founded way. Going pro at age 18, he is seasoned journalist with experience in almost every field of the career. He also has an associate of arts degree in public speaking and master of ceremonies.

Formerly Columnist for the sports website for which he was also executive editor from 2006 to 2012. His Radio/TV controversial style made his mark in the Radio and TV version of Pio Deportes. He was also the anchor for top morning news program: Ame SportsCenter as well as the mainstay night news program Out 37 on CDN Channel 37, covering and called all-around sports.

He joined ESPN Deportes in April 2012 and since then has been Play-by-Play and Analyst for ESPN Beisbol as his main role. He is also a reporter in radio programs Zona ESPN and Firma ESPN. He is the Head Sports Reporter for Grandes en los Deportes the top Sports radio show in Dominican Republic, as well as an active contributor to and the Co-host for “El Locker Room ESPN.”

In December 2016, he began hosting his two podcast, starting himself in the podcast world with a show in English titled “Unfiltered Sports talk is Cristian” and a Spanish named “Aqui Se habla Deportes.” With his unique touch and outside the box perspectives, non-political, straight truth that trademarks his style. Spansih also features Jose de Jesus, as well as Luis Reyes who also appears on the English show, as well one, Rafael Villalona. Both shows are unique in style and focus, high-octane entertainment never misses.

Both his parents are natives of the Northern part of Dominican Republic, region known as “El Cibao.” His mother Rafaela A. Moreno, is from Santiago de los Caballeros and Cristian Luis Moreno Duarte was from San Francisco de Macoris. With an enticing, energetic, controversial and never give up attitude, Cristian is always focused on reaching new heights in his career and all-around life, idealist and faithful as they come, firm believer in the pursuit of happiness and positively impacting the world, winning all battles his motto.