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Category: Self-Help, Sports & Recreation

The “Believe 2 Believe” podcast with host “Hurricane” Heather Jo Clark, American mixed martial artist. Take a peek behind the scenes at the lives of professional women MMA fighters, their personal stories, their triumphs and defeats and the spirit that keeps them moving forward. Fighters also share some of the emails and conversations theyve had with their fans over the years, and the advice and motivation they’ve shared to help others pursue their goals. It’s a show about supporting and motivating one another, filled with humor and laughter, true medicine for the mind and soul.

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"Hurricane" Heather Jo Clark

“Hurricane” Heather Jo Clark has been a elite athlete for most of her adult life. She played College Division One and Professional Ice hockey. Hockey taught Heather toughness as well as learning to train at a professional level. Outside of sports Heather has many other talents. She is also a professional Photographer and has a BA in Theatre Arts.  Art has always been a big part of her life. Heather was a recent cast member in Season 20 of “The Ultimate Fighter”.   She has fought 3 times in the UFC and is now taking some  time to heal some major injuries and reach the world in another media.