Born On Accident, Living On Purpose

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Your life is important. Find your drive, find your purpose! Youth motivational speaker, Gabe Salazar explores topics to help you grow with humor, great stories and more with Gabe.

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Gabe Salazar

Born to a teen mom and abandoned by his biological father, Gabe Salazar says when he was growing up he felt he was ‘born on accident’. He performed poorly in school, he grew up in poverty and he was influenced by gang members in his neighborhood in Houston and San Antonio, Texas. He even spent a year in alternative school because of a gang fight. Statistically speaking, Gabe was not expected to do well in life.

The turnaround for Gabe came with the help of mentors like his principal in high school.  His mentors made him realize he was not ‘born on accident’, but instead he learned to ‘live with purpose’. Gabe always had quick wit and a loud mouth in school. It was a talent he used in a negative way, but he took that talent, and he turned it into something positive.  Gabe now has a mission to motivate young people and families with his message of hope and persistence. He travels all over the world as a professional youth speaker presenting keynotes at schools, teen conferences, and teen camps. Gabe also leads presentations for parents and youth workers.

Through the use of masterful storytelling, Gabe’s message inspires and motivates his audience to action. After Gabe’s keynote address, gang members have turned over their gang rags, a teen handed over a knife he intended to use on a boy who had been bullying him, and a teen mom told Gabe she was planning to take her life and her baby boy’s life, but after hearing his message, she changed her mind. She told Gabe she was filled with a renewed purpose to do great things in life for herself and her son. Gabe considers his 15-year speaking career to be extremely fulfilling.  He performs at more than 200 schools and teen events a year. His message has reached millions of teenagers and young adults. He’s recognized as America’s #1 Latino Youth Speaker by Popular Hispanics Magazine. Gabe’s message challenges young people and encourages them to make positive choices in their lives and to dream big. Gabe lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Nancy and his four children.