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Art Mann, the world-renowned expert in drunken travel, shares his knowledge of unique destinations and outrageous events. Some weeks he drags the desk out to the sand and has special guests and some weeks he travels to crazy festivals.

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Art Mann

Art Mann is a professional traveler. He knows where the craziest events are, the best ones, the ones you’ve heard of, and more importantly the ones you haven’t. Art has built a loyal following that trusts him and respects his travel knowhow and his ability to show the world some of the best parties they’ve been missing.

The host of over 100 episodes of the highly rated travel show “Wild On” for E! Entertainment Television which aired WORLDWIDE in 109 countries!
Art is also Executive Producer and Host of the hugely successful music festival and unique event series, “Art Mann Presents” for Mark Cuban’s AXS TV.

There is no one with more knowledge and experience regarding unique travel destinations than Art Mann. His wit and charisma allow him to fit in anywhere he goes and nothing makes him happier than hearing people say, “How the heck do you find these events?

When Art’s not traveling to interesting places he enjoys mountain biking, wake boarding, racing motorized things, snowboarding, and wrestling alligators in a Batman outfit with the ass cut out.