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Blockbusters, limited releases, a-list, no list, big budgets, sequels; horrible movies come in all shapes and sizes and The Horrible Movie Podcast is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to bad movies. Each week Jack Altermatt (host and creator) invites a friend over to watch a horrible movie and then record their conversation about what made it so terrible. The only rule is: it must be a theater release movie; no straight to DVD movies here. Remember “Just because it’s from Hollywood doesn’t mean it isn’t horrible!”

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Jack Altermatt

Musician, coach, comic book nerd, movie aficionado, Jack Altermatt is, simply put, a Renaissance man. No, not the kind wearing pantaloons and eating turkey legs, but the kind whose passions and interests span the board. As a musician Jack had been a drummer in multiple bands, namely the rock band 8th Plague. As an athlete, coach, and sports fanatic Jack has screamed in the face of many a high school student. And as an educator he has also screamed in the face of many a high school student.

Not many get to pursue their passions as much as Jack does. That’s why he created The Horrible Movie Podcast, so that others could share in his love of horrible movies. It’s just another chance to do some of the things he loves doing: watching horrible movies and talking with his friends.