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I’ll Kiss Your Glass–and Tell 

Let’s face it. Buying and learning about wine can be about as much fun as a blind date—all nerves, the wrong kind of mystery, and in the end, no guarantee. What you really need is a gal in the trenches. Last week, I tasted over 300 wines in one afternoon. Get it? My tongue is your tongue. My taste buds are at your service. I’ll kiss your glass, and tell! No date required. With the Wine Conversations podcast, you can “fake it till you make it”.

Every try talking to folks at a supermarket about wine? If only they’d put up honest signs in liquor stores, with a big red arrow, saying, “This wine sucks.” Or give out wine warnings on restaurant menus, “Guaranteed to kill your meal.” I get the feeling we all had plastic surgery just to look STUPID when it comes to buying wine.

Forget the surgery. Forget the wine gambling, and the Rosé roulette. I drink wine like I have conversations—bold and brave. How else could I run my own Wine Channel TV Network and host worldwide events as a certified sommelier? Adventure! To me, hunting down the best wines is high adventure. And I have drunk enough varietals—bad and great—to help you over the “wine dating” hump.

It’s not hard knowing what you want when you walk into a Starbucks or a Baskin-Robbins. But finding the right wine? With this podcast you can fake it till you make it. You’ll be sipping with a pro and celebrity guests from the world of wine, music, sports, fashion and food. For every “drinking” reason or season, I’ll cut through the BS and give you great wine choices for ladies night out, tailgating, “date night hero” nights, or just sitting on your couch and getting smashed.

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Jessica Altieri

Jessica Altieri—aka “Just Jess”—is changing the way consumers buy, taste and experience wine. “From Wall Street to Wine Street,” Altieri has captured the ears, eyes, and hearts of wine lovers around the globe, sharing and creating unique wine lifestyle experiences with digital and social media. In 2016, Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Jessica a “40 Under 40 Top Tastemaker”. A respected millennial-age professional wine judge, Altieri is a Certified Sommelier and former NCAA scholar athlete. She founded the world’s fastest growing digital wine lifestyle network, Wine Channel TV, in 2009, and works with some of the world’s leading brands, trade associations and lifestyle companies.

Altieri has built a multiplatform digital network, Wine Channel TV Digital Network, that has over 500K loyal followers around the world. Altieri has appeared on ABC, CNBC, WGN, and ESPN Radio with unique wine, food and life¬style segments that make shopping for your next fine wine as much fun as eating ice cream. Enjoy, and remember: “Wine is just a conversation waiting to happen!”