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It is impossible to walk in everyone’s shoes. This podcast will let you hear footsteps from different people from different walks of life. Hosts Cam F Awesome and Ed Latimore hold an open dialogue with different guests about their lifestyle and views. AWESOME TALKS makes it possible for listeners to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Recent Episodes
Cam F. Awesome

Cam F. Awesome’s unique and positive perspective and genuine passion for life, as well as success in all that he does, is truly inspiring. Changing lives and inspiring others is his mission in life but he does it in his own way. Cam has managed to make the transition from punches to punch lines with his professional shift from boxing to stand up comedy. After having a powerful boxing career winning multiple National Championships and being Captain for Team USA for almost a decade and having a successful comedy career, Cam realized his influence on people and decided to take his next challenge in life and embarked on the personal mission to changing others’ lives through words. Cam Awesome is the perfect example of age being a general estimate of life experience. He has learned from his mistakes over the years and has a passion for relaying his message to many different audiences.

Championships Titles:

  • 08 US Men’s National Champ
  • 10 US Men’s National Champ
  • 13 US Men’s National Champ
  • 14 US Men’s National Champ
  • 16 US Men’s National Champ
  • 09 Golden Gloves National Champ
  • 11 Golden Gloves National Champ
  • 13 Golden Gloves National Champ
  • 09 PAL National Champ 10 PAL National Champ
  • 11 PAL National Champ
  • 09 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 10 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 11 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 13 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 14 Ringside Worlds Champ
  • 12 Olympic Trial Champ
  • Captain of USA National Team
  • Gold Medal at Cheo Aponte 2013
  • Gold Medal at Olympic Cup 2013
  • Gold Medal in Mazar Makai 2013
  • Gold Medal in The Independence Cup 2014
  • Gold Medal at Felix Stamm 2014
  • Silver Medal in Continental Championships 2013
  • Gold Medal at Cheo Aponte 2014
  • Gold medal at Pan An Olympic Festival 2014
  • Gold medal at Leszek Drogosz Memorial 2014
  • Silver medal at Tammer Tournament 2014
  • Bronze Pan Am medalist 2015