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Bad Hombres Comedy is a weekly podcast about how ridiculous it is that Donald J Trump is the president of Gringolandia. Hosts Bernardo Cubria and Brian Nichols lead you through the week in news, play games like “Guess The Headline”, and “ Is Marco Rubio selling out his people again”? Plus they go out to the streets to find out what Jose Six Pack thinks. Every episode ends with a weekly guest who discusses what regular people can do to survive the Trump Presidency.

Recent Episodes
Bernardo Cubria and Brian Nichols

Bernardo Cubría is a Mexican Actor and his Mama thinks he’s very talented. He has been on shows like the “The Good Wife,” “Blue Bloods,”, “Bold And The Beautiful”, and “Notorious”. He’s also sold out and done over 50 commercials, one even aired during El Super Bowl Guey! Since the election he mostly yells while reading twitter and then cries himself to sleep.

Brian Nichols is an Emmy award watching writer and performer who has studied at the Second City, UCB, and ComedySportz. He has performed comedy all over the country, and regularly pollutes the internet with silly, silly videos. In high school he was voted “Most likely to cite his high school yearbook.”