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Whether you are a full-blown foodie, beginner cook, or simply intrigued by stories of food and culture, this show is for you! Join Chef Tino weekly to share in his passion for food, and learn how early food memories, culture, and familial traditions influence us in different ways; creating inspiration for life, dishes, and careers. Each week Chef Tino will invite a different guest from all aspects of the culinary world to sit at his table and reminisce and share their individual path to the kitchen. Whether it’s a restauranteur, Chef, writer, critic, or celebrity, we will uncover what inspires them to eat, cook, and carry on their traditions through food.


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Chef Celestino "Tino" Feliciano

Chef Tino is a chef, restauranteur, and culinary instructor who is intrigued by how food ultimately unites us across all cultures. His magnetic personality and passion for cooking have led him to create this show, after having tragically lost his restaurant and business in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Now based in Dallas and in the company of his four young children, he hopes to reach new audiences across the country and continue sharing his passion and zest for both food and life.