D’mente Positivo con Ismael Cala

About the Show

Category: Health, Self-Help

D’Mente Positivo is a different and daring podcast. Ismael and his guests will give you the tools and keys to transform the madness of the day into a learning and growth experience. “Here we train your mind, so you do not go crazy.”

Ismael and his guests give you tools on topics such as leadership, personal transformation, consciousness awakening, mindfulness, epigenetics, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, life-coaching, entrepreneurship, wellness, nutrition and everything that has to do with integral well-being of the human being. In each episode, they accompany Cala, Lorena Susso and Moe Morales Cornejo to develop the themes and motivate the listeners to ask their questions that we will gladly answer.

Ismael Cala

An international speaker, specializing in personal development and mindful leadership, Cala was dubbed “the Latino Larry King” by The New York Times. He has received personalized training from renowned international leaders such as Robin Sharma, John C. Maxwell, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins, and completed the Executive Program in Exponential Leadership at one of the most prestigious and advanced universities in the world, Singularity University in Silicon Valley. Through his conferences, workshops and personal growth retreats, Cala has touched the personal and professional lives of thousands of people and more than 400 companies.

Cala is the founder and president of CALA Enterprises Corporation, a content production company focused on leadership, mindfulness, happiness, productivity and excellence as a culture. He is also the founder and president of the Ismael Cala Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and sponsor vocational training, leadership and emotional intelligence programs for disadvantaged children and teens throughout Latin America and within the U.S. Hispanic community.