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KC Armstrong is the former producer and on-air personality of the Howard Stern Show. He now owns and operates WMAP Radio, which stands for the “World’s Most Amazing People.” The station brings uplifting and inspirational stories of everyday people to listeners in 104 countries worldwide. WMAP is syndicated on FM radio. KC recently released the first book in his “Simply Amazing” series which reached #8 on the Barnes & Noble Best Seller list. KC Armstrong’s “World’s Most Amazing People” is a show that combines inspirational interviews of the many guests featured on the station every day. From the Holocaust survivor to the mother of an autistic child, WMAP brings you average everyday people that face challenges and somehow get to the other side -sometimes even better than before! KC’s listeners relate to these stories and it helps them to know they are not alone in our everyday challenges.

Another part of the program is KC’s co-host Dearrion Snead, his former high school football coach. Coach Snead has generated countless calls and emails thanks to his brutally honest, sometimes abrasive (offensive to some) politically incorrect opinions. Though KC and coach are very different, they have a strong mutual respect –However, they agree on nothing! When a brilliant, African-American, Marine, football coach from Virginia has to deal with KC’s mentally ill, bizarre beliefs, opinions and life style that border on delusional and sometimes frightening we challenge you to turn it off!

The last element of this podcast showcases KC’s warped and offbeat brand of humor. From buying a chicken off of eBay to solve his frustration with the price of eggs, to his hour long conversations with the cats he thinks are his roommates (whom he shares a disturbing yet hilarious fictional relationship with.) It’s the same strange KC you remember!

To check out WMAP Radio go to wmapradio.com, or look for us on iHeart Radio, iTunes and Spotify. WMAP Radio is a 24 hour, all talk radio station that can bring a smile to your face, make you laugh or offer hope to those who need it.

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