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Meet hostess Sylvana Tróccoli. Three kids. Two ex-husbands. A few young boyfriends here and there. A woman with a PhD in the University of Life, tackles everyday problems without text book formulas, and tries to solve them the old-fashioned way, paying attention! Armed with a lifetime of experiences, using common sense and a good dose of humor, Sylvana will make you laugh, cry, even blush. But she will always leave you with something to really think about.

Prohibido para Mujeres will be a podcast like no other! For Sylvana, NOTHING is taboo. Prohibido para Mujeres is: Dear Abby on stilettos.  All of the Sex & the City ladies merged in one person.  As open as Dr. Ruth, as shocking as Howard Stern, but, with the kindness of Mr. Rogers.

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Sylvana Troccoli

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay… a tiny but beautiful country nestled between Brazil and Argentina… Came to the US when I was 14… with my parents and 3 siblings…and we ended up being 6 altogether…My Mom and Dad don’t believe in contraceptives!!! I was married at 18… have 3 beautiful kids from that marriage…that have given me 5 BEAUTIFUL grandkids… But NO ONE would EVER guess that I’m a grandma…LOL!!!!

My career in radio started in 1980 in Houston Texas where I worked for the major Spanish radio stations there at that time KEYH RADIO 85, KXYZ RADIO 13 and 1010 AM La Tremenda de Houston, now a Univision Radio Station.

I made the big move to Miami, Florida in 1985 where I worked in a couple of small radio stations until being discovered by Antonio ‘Cuco’ Arias, Producer for Sabado Gigante in 1988 and I went to work with Don Francisco as the original ‘Mazola girl’ doing a contest all across the country for the famous show.

Even without much experience in television, Mario Kreutzberger was very impressed with my presence and delivery in front of a TV camera! I had a great time for the whole year doing that segment on the best show on TV ever.

Shortly after that ended I started working for HBC Broadcasting which was later bought by Univision Network, until the year 2011.

I’m independent, assertive, optimistic, talkative, an all around fun person! I try to stay active… love DANCING, love to travel, the beach, going to baseball games, and cooking!!! I was a Radio Personality for Univision Network for over 20 years… altogether it has been my profession for over 35 years and I LOVE IT!!!

I’m gonna try to keep you entertained and maybe even informed… Stay tuned!!!

Travel, the beach, music, baseball, soccer, cooking,

Favorite Movies
9 1/2 weeks, Gone with the wind, The Notebook, Memoirs of a Geisha, anything with George Clooney!

Favorite Music
Salsa, bachata, merengue… ballroom dancing!

Favorite Books
La fiesta del chivo… The Alchemist…Witness: Selected Poems of Mario Benedetti.