About the Show

Category: Business, Society & Culture, Television & Film

Revolución is a new podcast examining diverse cultural trends through discussions about the world of communications: marketing, media, entertainment and advertising. Hosted by three industry veterans, ad agency executive Diego Lastra, marketing consultant Ana Crandell and writer Court Stroud, each episode aims to inform, entertain and inspire audiences—Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike—through interviews of experts, newsmakers and celebrities. Topics include cultural and business insights, career advice and the role mass media play in creating a more just and equitable society.

Ours is a revolution of mind and heart … -Cesar Chavez

Diego Lastra, Ana Crandell and Court Stroud

Mexico City native Diego Lastra is the Associate Media Director at Dieste, one of the country’s leading multicultural advertising and marketing agencies. Passionate about social and cultural trends, he enjoys learning from the past to analyze and understand the present. In 2017, Diego launched the Advertising Diversity Podcast. Now through Revolución, he’s excited to continue talking with industry leaders and cultural luminaries.

Born and raised in Bolivia, Ana Crandell is a longtime marketing & media executive and consultant. She began her career by leading the creation of the media department at Lopez Negrete Communications and later played an integral role in the creation of OMD Multicultural. Ana has been a key advisor on multicultural initiatives for blue-chip clients like Walmart, McDonald’s and State Farm.

San Antonio, Texas native Court Stroud has worked at Univision, Telemundo, Azteca, CBS and several digital startups. As an adjunct faculty member at N.Y.U., he created the undergraduate course “Diversity in Media & Advertising.” Court holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. His writing may be found in The New York Times, Washington Post and Forbes, where he’s a contributing writer.