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Expand your universe with SuperLatina, the Podcast. Gaby Natale -speaker, bestselling author and winner three EMMY awards- chats with influential celebrities, experts and fascinating people from all walks of life to bring you tools for personal growth and inspiration. This podcast is for the dreamers, for the rebels at heart who are able to see beyond their immediate circumstances, those who have a burning feeling that something truly wonderful is about to happen but haven’t fully committed to that first step in the journey to their next destination.

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Gaby Natale

Gaby Natale is a three-time Daytime EMMY®-award winner media personality, entrepreneur, bestselling author and speaker. She is the executive producer and host of the TV show SuperLatina that airs nationwide in VME TV, a member of the PBS family.

Gaby Natale is one of the few women in the entertainment industry who owns not only the rights to her TV show but also a television studio. This unique situation has allowed her to combine her passion for media and her entrepreneurial spirit. 

In 2018, People Magazine included Gaby in their “25 Powerful Latinas” annual edition. 

In 2017, Gaby became the first Spanish-language TV host to win back to back Daytime EMMYs in the “Outstanding Talent Category”.  On May 2016, Gaby and SuperLatina won two Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Daytime Talent in a Spanish Language Program and Outstanding Entertainment Program in Spanish, respectively, making it a first for an independently-produced Spanish language show.

In the digital world, Gaby has developed a thriving fan base, with over 52 million views on YouTube and 200K+ followers on Social Media.

She is also the co-founder and President of AGANARmedia, a marketing company with a focus on Hispanic audiences. AGANARmedia’s clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Hilton Worldwide, Sprint, AT&T, Ebay and Amazon, to name a few. 

In July 2017, Gaby launched her first book “El Círculo Virtuoso” in partnership with HarperCollins. The book became an instant bestseller debuting #1 in Amazon Hot New Releases in multiple categories including Business, Inspiration and Self-help.  

Gaby Natale holds a BA in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of San Andres.