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Julie Stav has a unique ability to simplify the sometimes overwhelming concept of money management and investing. Using hands-on techniques, her show makes financial planning relevant, entertaining and easy to follow, regardless of listeners’ age, background or economic level. She teaches basic principles that are helping more and more Hispanics realize the American Dream.

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Julie Stav

For millions of Americans, Julie Stav is not only a recognized financial expert and educator, she is considered by many as a leader and inspirational role model, creating a following that now wishes to learn from her teachings as well as emulate her investment success.

With a multi-media communications platform that included radio, television, Internet, and print, Julie has inspired and empowered people from all walks of life with her New York Times bestselling books, Get Your Share, Fund Your Future and The Money in You; over 700 appearances on television, as well as a repeat guest on ABC’s The View, CNN, NPR, PBS, and various other media platforms.

Her work of bringing financial and investment literacy to the average person has been highlighted and acknowledged by two US Presidents, as well as the numerous national awards she has accumulated.

Julie’s unique ability to simplify the sometimes-overwhelming concept of managing money and investing in the stock market makes the process relevant, entertaining and easy to follow regardless of your age, gender or how much money you have to invest.